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A lot of athletes especially in powersports use gainers as a complement to their ordinary food. The reasons for this is maybe, that they belive that a gainer can accelerate the musclegrowth or a wish to save time not needing to cook food.

Arguments against gainers are that they are exceptionally refined products that contain processed carbohydrates and proteins, synthetic minerals and vitamins, and far to less fiber. The price of gainers compared to their nutrient content is rather high.

Since I excersice myself and am intrested in nutrition, I asked myself if there where any alternatives. The alternative should have the same nutritional value as a gainer, content fibers, taste better, be easy to prepare and cheaper than all gainers.

The first thaught was cereals, but cereals have low proteincontent and need therefore to be enriched with soyaflakes, but since soyaflakes are expensive and hard to find I exclude that alternative.

Next thought was porridge, because you can blend them with soyaflour, which is more available and less expensive than soyaflakes.

However a porridge alone will not contain all the nutrients a gainer has, in particular it lacks vitamin A, E and C. As I understood, the porridges must be added some very well chosen complements. I succeded and after a lot of work these receipts came trough.


The porridge cooked on 80g of rolled oats and 20g of soyaflour (fat c 20%), normal cooking time for rolled oats. Served with 2dl of skimmilk and as a raw complement, 15g carrot, 5g dried sunflower seeds, 20g chinese cabbage and 30g orange.

Energyyielding nutrients

Energy 2115 kJ
Energy 505 kcal
Protein 26,8g (21,5 E%)
BCAA´s 4961mg (18,5 % of the proteincontent)
ILE+LEU+VAL 1,00 + 1,64 + 1,24
Glutamic acid 5585 mg (20,8 % of the proteincontent)
Fat 13,9g (25 E%)
SAFA 2,5g (4,5 E%)
MSFA 3,8g (6,9 E%)
PUFA 6,6g (11,8 E%)
Omega-3 0,37g (0,66 E%)
Cholesterol 4mg
Carbohydrate 68,5g (53,5 E%)
Dietary fibre 11,9g (5,6g/MJ)


Retinol equivalents 294µg (139%)
Vitamin D 0,8µg (63%)
a-tocopherol 2,5mg (117%)
Thiamin 0,98mg (355%)
Riboflavin 0,49mg (164%)
Niacin equivalents 7,7mg (226%)
Vitamin B6 0,61mg (222%)
Folate 107µg (140%)
Vitamin B12 0,60µg (142%)
Ascorbic acid 25 mg (168%)

Minerals & trace elements

Potassium 1139mg (146%)
Calcium 355mg (153%)
Phosphorus 699mg (389%)
Magnesium 203mg (282%)
Iron 5,57mg (188%)
Zinc 4,53mg (195%)
Selenium 4,3µg (41%)


About 20% of a corresponding gainer´s price per MJ, on the Swedish market.


1kJ=0,239 kcal, 1MJ=239 kcal

BCAA = Branched Chain Amino Acids, Which are:
ISO = Isoleucine, LEU = Leucine, VAL = Valine.

Glutamic acid = an amino acid, which the body use to make the aminoacid glutamine from.

SAFA = SAturated Fatty Acids.
MSFA = Mono unSaturated Fatty Acids.
PUFA = Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids.
Omega-3 = A family of   PUFA.

In brackets after Energy yielding nutrients, E% = Energypercent and g/MJ = gram per Mega Joule.

In brackets after vitamins and mineral & trace elements, percent of the Swedish nutritional density recomendents. (SNR-97) For Iron, I have chosen the value for men. As you can see there is a lack in the content of vitamin D and selenium, why you should consume fish on a weekly basis.

The porridge in powderform

For easier comparement I have converted the porridge´s nutritional values to powder form.

Per 100g powder

Energy 1626 kJ
Energy 389 kcal
Protein 20,6g
Fat 10,7g
Carbohydrate 52,7g
Dietary fibre 9,2g


The porridge contains more fat than the average gainer, but also more protein. This porridge has a fat content of 25 E% which is suitable for heavy weight training. When it comes to protein, you should know, that a bodybuilder weighing 175 pound, have an energy need of at least 15,2 MJ, which with the porridge`s protein E% content, will give 192g protein, about 1,1g per pound.

This material is from the Swedish compendium ¨16st Kraftgrötar-gröt istället för gainers¨, currently not available in English.

If you have any questions about this information, please mail me.
Thanks for watching and good luck with your training.

Torbjorn Sandwall